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Class Descriptions
      Tamalyn's Dance Centre has a class for every dancer! Students are placed in classes based on age, maturity, and skill level. Need help picking the best class for your dancer? Please email us at or message us on FaceBook.
      All dance and martial arts students have the opportunity to perform in the school’s annual recital every May. This exciting production features costumes, music, and professional lighting. 
     Students, age 8 (by December 31) and up, may audition for the Orangeburg Civic Ballet, our local non-profit ballet company. 
     Students age four and up are invited to participate as an open dancer in the Orangeburg Civic Ballet’s annual winter  production of The Nutcracker/The Polar Express. This magical production has been a staple of the Orangeburg community for over 25 years, and features lavish costumes and set design. Auditions are held in the early fall and dancers must attend weekly rehearsals in addition to regular classes. Students age 5 and up may audition for OCB's spring production which changes every year to a new, exciting production.

Twinkle Toes
This is the perfect introduction to dance for the 2.5 -3 year old student! Students wear traditional dance attire with soft ballet shoes for this fun, creative 30 minute class. Ballet and tap style movements are taught, along with basic tumbling.  Students also learn basic classroom etiquette  like "wait for your turn", " follow directions", "stand in one spot". 

Rhythm Tap

This style is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The sound is made by shoes that have a metal "tap" on the heel and toe. Tap dancers use specialized steps to create rhythmic beats and sounds with their feet. The special plates on the bottom of the shoes amplify the footfalls and create the distinctive sounds associated with tap dancing. At the same time, tap dancers use overall body movement to create a dance that is both a visual and an auditory experience for the audience.


Pre- Ballet
This class is a toddler’s ballet class that provides beginning technique and is designed to inspire and love of dance as well as cooperation and classroom skills. Ages: 3 to 4 years old

Primary Ballet
This ballet class teaches the foundation techniques for dance and choreography in a fun environment. Ages: returning 4 year old and beginning 5 year olds.

Ballet AI and AII
These classes teach basic skills through a combination of floor and barre work. Ages: 6 and up

Ballet BI and BII
In these classes, students will continue to develop ballet skills, and focus heavily on technique. This class is a combination of floor and barre work. Ages: 7 and up. Pointe training is introduced to BII students who are technically ready.

Ballet CI, CII, CIII, DI and DII
These are classes for our intermediate and advanced ballet students, with the permission of the instructor.

Pre- Pointe

This class teaches the beginning foundation for pointe work.

All pointe classes are for intermediate and advanced ballet students and require permission from their instructor. A minimum of two ballet technique classes must be taken each week, in addition to adding a pointe class.


Contemporary dance focuses on natural body movement, use of body weight, efficiency of muscle use and safe body alignment as well as an increased focus on personal interpretation, self-expression, awareness of space and a strong use of established Modern Dance technique.  Classes start with a comprehensive warm-up and gradually build up to more elaborate movement sequences.



Jazz is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. Every jazz dancer interprets and executes moves and steps in their own way. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance.
We are adding Musical theater as a significant part of our Jazz curriculum this year.  Students will utilize their jazz technique to express the styles of choreography derived from various Broadway Musicals.   


Hip Hop
This upbeat class combines basic hip-hop technique and choreography with no suggestive lyrics/movements. In this fast-paced and fun class students will use hip-hop to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expression. Dancers aged 6 through adults will love building stamina and getting a great cardio workout in this high energy dance class.

Acrobatic Dance
 This dynamic class is a fusion of classical dance technique with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling, and partnering. It is based in flexibility, contortion, and strength. You may recognize common acro skills such as handstands, bridges, walkovers, or aerial cartwheels.

Martial Arts
Martial Arts class has two primary aims-  For children, we focus on discipline, self-control, responsibility, and the growth of the person in addition to learning principles of self-protection.  The adult class focuses on practical self-protection as physical skill and lifestyle choice. Functional fitness, skill development, and mental and ethical growth are emphasized in all classes.  Students learn the basics of balance, efficient movement, awareness, and combative basics such as punching, kicking, safe falling, throwing, joint locking and, grappling. Classical weapons training is also included.

Yoga is an ancient  practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It focuses our attention on our body's abilities at the present moment and can provide a retreat from our chaotic, stressful, busy life.  Yoga provides powerful benefits for your phyisical health and fitness. It also offers harmony, balance, and peace for the mind. 

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