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*Summer Classes will meet twice weekly June 29- July 9 on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*The annual registration fee ($20 per student) and the tuition are due at registration.

* *Private lessons are available.  Email us with a request or ask during registration.



Classes                         Class length                      Tuition Fee


4                                          30 minute                                     $45

8                                         30 minute                                      $78

4                                          45 minute or more                      $50

8                                         45 minute or more                       $90

12                                          45 minute or more                    $120

16                                                                                               $160


20                                                      “                                         $200  Unlimited classes- individual


24                                                        “                                       $240 

28                                                        “                                       $280

32                                                       “                                        $320 Unlimited classes- family


Yoga with John Bates                 60 minutes                          $24


  •  Tuition for dance classes is paid at registration

  • There is an annual $20 non-refundable registration fee, per student.

  • The Dance Centre accepts personal checks, cash, or money orders.  We do not accept credit cards.  Payments may be delivered to the school during studio hours or sent through the mail. There is a fee of $50 for returned checks charged by the Dance Centre.

  • Missed classes may be made up at the student’s (or parent’s) discretion.  Speak with your teacher for the appropriate class. If the instructor cancels a class, the class is rescheduled.  No tuition credits or refunds are made for missed classes. Please notify Lee if you stop taking a class.

  • Students who arrive late must observe from the lobby until a break between exercises, and then ask the teacher’s permission to join. Regular tardiness is unacceptable. (If a dancer is sufficiently advanced, she/he is expected to partially warm-up in the lobby.)

  • Classes with less than five students are subject to cancellation.

  • Closing due to inclement weather: Check our website or our Facebook page for studio closing information.

Dress Code


Ballet                   Girls: Leotard (any color) and pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a secured bun.

                             Boys: White t-shirt or leotard, shorts or tights, black ballet shoes


Tap III-VI              Girls:  Black rhythm tap shoes, leotard, tights or leggings, hair secured

                             Boys:  Black rhythm tap shoes, shorts, t-shirt.


Pre Tap-Tap II     Girls:  Tan buckle tap shoes, leotard, tights, hair up and secured. 

                             Boys:  Black tap shoes, shorts/pants, and white t-shirt.


Jazz                     Girls:  Tan jazz shoes, leotard (no t-shirts), tights or leggings, hair up and secured.

                             Boys:  Black jazz shoes, biker shorts/pants, t-shirt.


Hip Hop                Everyone:  Black dance sneakers (Pastry studio), black leggings/sweat pants, solid color

                              t-shirt, hair secured         


Contemporary     Everyone: Half soles, leotard, tights or leggings, hair up and secured

Class Flow Chart  (Modifications will occur)

Pre-Ballet > Pre-Tap (3 yr old)

Pre-Ballet > Pre-Tap > Primary Jazz (4 yr old)

Primary Ballet > Primary Ballet > Primary Jazz (5 yr old)

AI Ballet > Tap I > Jazz I > Contemporary I > Hip Hop I

AII Ballet > Tap II > Jazz I > Contemporary I > Hip Hop I

BI Ballet > Tap III > Jazz II > Contemporary II > >Hip Hop II

BII Ballet > Tap IV > Jazz II > Contemporary II > Hip Hop II

CI Ballet > Tap IV > Jazz III > Contemporary III > Hip Hop III

CII/III Ballet > Tap V > Jazz III > Contemporary IV > Hip Hop III

DI/II Ballet > Tap VI > Jazz IV > Contemporary V > Hip Hop IV

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