*Dance Classes began Tuesday, June 8. Martial Arts Class registration is year-round.

*The annual registration fee ($20 per student) and June’s tuition are due at registration. The Dance Centre accepts personal checks, cash, or money orders.  We do not accept credit cards. *See Studio Policies tab for more information.

*Private lessons are available.  Email us with a request or ask during registration.


Monthly Tuition

Classes per week       Class length                     Monthly Tuition Fee


1                                          30 minute                                   $45

2                                          30 minute                                   $80

1                                          45 minute or more                    $50

2                                          45 minute or more                    $90

3                                          45 minute or more                    $125

4                                                                                               $165


5                                                        “                                       $206  Unlimited classes- individual


6                                                         “                                      $246 

7                                                         “                                      $286

8                                                         “                                      $324 Unlimited classes- family


Yoga                                                60 minutes                            $28

Martial Arts                                  60 minutes                            $40 (2 classes per week)

Dress Code

 Ballet  &             Girls: Leotard (any color) and pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a secured bun.

 Twinkle Toes     Boys: White t-shirt or leotard, shorts or tights, black ballet shoes


Tap III-VI              Girls:  Black rhythm tap shoes, leotard, tights or leggings, hair secured

                             Boys:  Black rhythm tap shoes, shorts, t-shirt.


Pre Tap-Tap II     Girls:  Tan buckle tap shoes, leotard, tights, hair up and secured. 

                             Boys:  Black tap shoes, shorts/pants, and white t-shirt.


Jazz                     Girls:  Tan jazz shoes, leotard (no t-shirts), tights or leggings, hair up and secured.

                             Boys:  Black jazz shoes, biker shorts/pants, t-shirt.


Hip Hop               Everyone:  Black dance sneakers (Pastry studio), black leggings/sweat pants, solid color

                             t-shirt, hair secured         


Contemporary     Everyone: Half soles, leotard, tights or leggings, hair up and secured

Acrobatic Dance Girls: Leotard, bike shorts, hair in secured bun, bare feet

                             Boys: T-shirt, bike shorts, bare feet

Martial Arts         Everyone: Karate Gi recommended (black or white) or loose fitted clothing

Class Flow Chart  (Modifications will occur)

Twinkle Toes (2.5-3 yr old)

Pre-Ballet > Pre-Tap (3 yr old)

Primary Ballet > Primary Tap > Primary Jazz 

AI Ballet > Tap I > Jazz I > Contemporary I > Hip Hop I

AII Ballet > Tap II > Jazz I > Contemporary I > Hip Hop I

BI Ballet > Tap III > Jazz II > Contemporary II > >Hip Hop II

BII Ballet > Tap IV > Jazz II > Contemporary II > Hip Hop II

CI Ballet > Tap IV > Jazz III > Contemporary III > Hip Hop III

CII Ballet > Tap V > Jazz III > Contemporary IV > Hip Hop III

CIII Ballet > Tap V > Jazz IV >Contemporary V > Hip Hop IV

DI Ballet > Tap VI > Jazz IV > Contemporary V > Hip Hop IV

DII Ballet > Tap VI > Jazz V > Contemporary VI > Hip Hop V> Acro IV